‘90 Day Fiancé’: Patrick Refuses To Marry Thaís in Las Vegas Chapel — ‘This Is How You Marry a Stripper’

On 90 Day Fiancé Season 9, Thaís Ramone and Patrick Mendes take a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, where Thaís suggests they elope and marry in a chapel. However, Patrick is a true romantic with different dreams for his wedding day. He tells her he’s not going to marry her in Vegas, saying, “This is how you marry a stripper.”

Thaís reveals that her father doesn’t know she’s going to marry Patrick

On the June 26 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Patrick takes Thaís to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, for an impromptu visit. He wanted to spend quality time with Thaís, away from the drama at home with his brother, John.

While in Las Vegas, Patrick and Thaís meet up with his younger brother, Matthew, and his husband, Carlos. When discussing life in the United States, Thaís reveals something she’s been hiding from her fiancé. She said, “My father is a little jealous.” She explained, “He doesn’t know that we will to get married [sic].” This was a massive shock to Patrick, who was under the impression that her family liked him.

Thaís tells the cameras, “I didn’t intend to say that. It just slipped out. I definitely didn’t want Patrick to find out this way.” Of course, Patrick isn’t happy that Thaís didn’t tell her father about the upcoming marriage and is beginning to doubt her intentions. But Thaís still hasn’t told Patrick that her father would never give his blessing because he’s convinced that all American men just take advantage of Brazilian women.

Thaís wanted to get married in a Las Vegas chapel

Instead of coming clean to Patrick or her father, Thaís decided the best solution was to elope and get married in a Las Vegas chapel. With only 46 days left on the 90-day clockThaís surprises Patrick by having him drive to a chapel. When they arrive, Thaís suggests they get married then and there.

She calls getting married in Vegas the most “romantic thing in the world.” However, Patrick doesn’t see it that way. In fact, he isn’t happy with Thaís’ “surprise” at all. He says, “Oh, this isn’t f***ing funny.” He tells her, “No, I don’t wanna get married tonight.”

Thaís tells the cameras, “I think that if we get married, my dad will see that Patrick is a man that really wanted to marry me and wasn’t just messing around. And besides, it’s so fancy to get married in Las Vegas.”

Thaís’ idea of eloping with Patrick came from the fear that her father would find out and try to stop her. She explained, “I think it’s better to keep the secret and apologize and explain later. Because I’m sure if I’ll ask for his permission, he’ll say no.”

Patrick has dreams of a traditional wedding

While Thaís thinks it’s better to get married and then tell her father, Patrick disagrees with her. He’s worried that if they marry without her father’s blessing, her father will reject both of them for lying.

At the chapel, Patrick tells Thaís, “This isn’t how I imagined getting married. I wanna have a real wedding. Even if it’s a small one. I want it to be real.” He tells her, “This is how you marry a stripper. You deserve better.”

Still, Thaís isn’t thrilled with Patrick putting the skids on marrying in a Vegas chapel. With only 46 days left to wed, this couple has a lot to sort out before walking down the aisle.