’90 Day Fiance’ Season 9: Fans call Ari ‘crazy’ for wanting to buy wedding dress with ex-husband

Fans called Ari out for her hypocritical behavior as she had made a huge deal about Bini training with a woman but is still spending time with her ex-husband Leandro

If you’ve been keeping up with Season 9 of ’90 Day Fiance’, then you know that Ari and Bini come with a plethora of problems. Although they are now in the US, it looks like the couple still struggles to communicate and their actions do nothing more than hurt each other.

While Ari made a huge deal about the fact that Bini is training with a woman, she continues to have double standards as she still spends time with her ex-husband, Leandro, much to Bini’s chagrin. Not only that, she even invited him to the family’s Ethiopian new year celebration, without asking Bini first.

While fans called her out on her behavior, it was even more shocking as they watched Ari and her family being rude to Bini throughout the dinner. Not only did they cut him off while he was talking about his culture, but they also seemed to have made the whole dinner about Leandro. In addition to that, Ari dropped the bomb that Leandro would join her in wedding dress shopping. Bini was upset with the idea and fans were on his side.

“Ari’s not worth the effort. She’s NOT the prize her family thinks she is.. Only reason Bini is still involved is because of his son. The mothers passive/ aggressive trait was passed onto Ari. Leoandro needs another a*s kicking..” said a fan.

“I don’t particularly like Bini, but watching Ari’s family flaunting their relationship with Leandro while Bini is trying to share his culture and holiday with them, is beyond nauseated and can’t help but feel for him. Again, Ari just go back to Leandro already #90DayFiance,” added another.

“@90DayFiance WTF is up with Ari including her ex in something so important to Bini, and her mother being so thrilled about it? And wanting to include him when shopping for her wedding dress? This chick and her family are crazy!” said a fan.

“Does Ari literally have no friends she’s asking her ex husband to come with her mom and go wedding dress shopping? is it crack Ari? #90dayfiance,” said another.

“No! You do not take your ex-husband shopping for your wedding dress! Ari, you’re seriously giving Emily competition for “the worst.” #90DayFiance,” tweeted another.