’90 Day Fiance’ Season 9: Fans slam Bilal for calling Shaeeda ‘argumentative’, say he needs ‘self-reflection’

With Bilal deadset on getting a prenup, fans pointed out that Shaeeda wasn’t the reason his relationship might fail

For the couples on ’90 Day Fiance’ Season 9, the clock is certainly ticking when it comes to tying the knot. With the pressurepiling on, each couple is working towards getting married at the end of the 90 day period — however, this also means they now have to be candid when it comes to their feelings, wants and dreams, as nothing can be swept under the rug.

Bilal and Shaeeda have struggled all season to be on the same page — from Bilal’s twisted humour to him pushing the narrative that he can’t trust Shaeeda, it looks like he is continously self-sabotaging. And now, with a prenup in the mix, Shaeeda is putting her foot down.

While Shaeeda was upset seeing that she made it clear she was not with Bilal for his money, she discussed the matter with her friends. They were supportive and reminded her that even though Bilal made it seem like she was after his money, the truth is, she had her own life and career back in Trinidad. They even encouraged her to put terms and conditions regarding having a child in the contract, so that Shaeeda could get what she wanted. Meanwhile, Bilal sat down with his sister and defended his side of the story, stating that Shaeeda was sometimes “distant” and “argumentative”, prompting him to believe that he needed to protect himself and his assets if things didn’t work out. Fans, however, called him out.

“Get therapy not bring your insecurities on another woman and marry her when you are unsure of yourself. #90DayFiance” tweeted a fan. “Bilal is like “everyone person I’ve loved has left me”. I wonder why, dude, I wonder WHY?? #90dayfiance” added another. “Distant, argumentative. Every person who has loved him has left. Bilal, maybe needs some deep self-reflection. He’s going to mess up everything. #90DayFiance” said a fan. “Did this man really say she’s argumentative and distant? He’s delusional. #90DayFiance” wrote another. “Shaeda sisters are beautiful and smart! Prenup can protect you too! Make sure youre covered. And your yoga business is protected. He doesn’t have money like that anyway. #90DayFiance #90DayFiance” tweeted another.