90 Day : Natalie’s Former Mother-in-Law Calls Her a ‘Cheating, Scammin’ Snake’ amid Reunion with Ex Mike

Natalie Mordovtseva’s former mother-in-law wasn’t ready to let bygones be bygones on the latest episode of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Natalie made her way to Sequim, Washington, to see her ex Mike Youngquist for the first time in more than a year.

Before Natalie arrived, Mike revealed there have been “lots of changes” since Natalie left — including the fact his mother Trish had moved in with him.

90 Day's Natalie Accused of Having an IQ 'About as Big as a Fart' by Ex's Unimpressed Mom
90 Day’s Natalie Accused of Having an IQ ‘About as Big as a Fart’ by Ex’s Unimpressed Mom


Trish was less than thrilled to hear that Natalie was coming to get things after leaving her son and beginning a relationship with Josh Weinstein.

“Natalie coming back here takes a lot of nerve. I don’t like the way Natalie went about things,” Trish said. “She’s the one who causes all the trouble. She’s the one that causes all the drama.”

“I don’t know how I will feel when I see Natalie,” she added. “I hope that she minds her manners is all I can say.”

90 Day's Natalie Accused of Having an IQ 'About as Big as a Fart' by Ex's Unimpressed Mom
90 Day’s Natalie Accused of Having an IQ ‘About as Big as a Fart’ by Ex’s Unimpressed Mom

Michael admitted to Trish that he sent Natalie’s mother money to help her leave Ukraine amid the war with Russia.

“I do feel bad for her mom,” his mom replied. “But it would be nice if she got her s— and bolted out of here and didn’t stir up stuff.”

“Maybe she should use her head and start figuring s— out, but running off wasn’t figuring s— out,” she added. “Her IQ is about as big as a fart. She’s just a lying, cheating, scammin’ snake. She just is.”

In confessional, Trish explained that she believed Natalie had “an agenda” in marrying her husband.

“Her coming over here and marrying Michael, that was just all a game she was playing,” she said. “Her agenda was to get to America and that was it, and she ran off as soon as she got a chance. I don’t think she could ever say that she fully loved him.”


However, Mike appeared more open to Natalie becoming part of his life again.

“I would bet you a million dollars that she probably has some regrets,” he told his mother.  “If she has any hidden intentions tomorrow, you know, it’s possible, she could try to want me back, whatever. Last Friday would have been our two-year wedding anniversary. It’s been a while since she’s been gone.”

He shared in a confessional that “old feelings” were still there for him, admitting, “It’s hard to move past that.”

Noting that their reunion might “spark something up,” he continued, “I mean it’s a possibility, but I don’t want my heart to get broken again.”

90 Day Fiance's Mike and Natalie
90 Day Fiance’s Mike and Natalie

Mike and Natalie first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 8. As Natalie moved to America from Ukraine on a K-1 visa, the pair discovered some major incompatibilities — like Natalie’s desire for children and Mike’s inability to change his diet to support her pescatarian lifestyle.

The pair split, and Natalie has been searching for love — and someone to father her children — ever since. Her latest romantic interest is Josh, a businessman who Natalie thinks doesn’t give her enough of his time.