Natalie Mordovtseva Returns to See Mike Youngquist, Gets Trashed by Trish

On Season 3, Episode 9 of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie Mordovtseva could no longer put off one important errand.

She needed to return to “Scream” (Sequim) Washington, to the woods that she once likened to a “horror movie.” To the house that she shared with Mike Youngquist.

Mike was still living in the home. What Natalie may not have known was that his mom was now living with him.

Trish did not like Natalie. Not at all. And absence has not made her heart grow fonder.

While Natalie and Mike deal with their conflicted feelings, Trish is more than happy to speak her mind.

How is Mike Youngquist doing?


When production filmed him ahead of Natalie’s arrival, Mike was still living in his house in Sequim, Washington. Viewers got an eyefull of this remote corner of the woods during his K-1 visa time with Natalie, and then during their ill-fated marriage. The Single Life viewers know that Natalie is a little nuts, but this is a reminder that they were both toxic partners to one another.

But Mike is no longer living alone

His mother, Treesh (Trish; Natalie pronounced her way in a specific way, just as she pronounced bleach “bleesh” and asked what it was), is now living with Michael. We don’t know for how long, as she is from the other side of the country. Mike characterizes this as something positive and helpful. This could be for his finances, her finances, or simply so that she can help him pack up his things to move and sell the house. We don’t know.

Mike and Natalie are in touch again, though

He explains to the camera that he and Natalie spoke again after Russia invaded Ukraine. While Caesar Mack’s storyline involved his visit to Ukraine, Natalie is from the country. Many fans thought of her Russian invaders poured across the border, leaving death and destruction in Ukrainian cities and neighborhoods. Mike did, too. More than that — he loves Natalie’s mom and considers her to be family. So he sent her some money to help her evacuate Ukraine to get to safety.

Mike mentions Natalie to his mom

Despite the presence of cameras, she acts as if it is a surprise that Natalie will stop by to pick up the rest of her things. But she does not hold back at all, calling the woman a “lying, cheating, scamming snake.”

She’s not just spewing insults, either

While many of us watched Natalie and Mike’s toxic love story play out on screen, Trish truly believes that Natalie simply wanted to come to the United States, and used Mike as a dupe to bring her here. That is pretty rare on 90 Day Fiance — most scammers don’t want to do so in the public eye. And presumably, Natalie would have been less miserable if she never really loved Mike.

So, Natalie’s stopping by. Does that mean …?

After plenty of off-screen questions from production, Mike acknowledges that it’s possible that Natalie could be planning to seduce him again, if she’s struck out while trying to date. And he’s not entirely prepared to rule out that it could work.

Why does Natalie sound like she’s a medium at a seance here?

Anyway, she recalls how Mike made contact (from the other side?) with her after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Natalie feels grateful to him

She felt very touched that he not only thought of her and her mother, but actively helped her mother flee to safety. Now, Natalie is headed back to pick up the last of her belongings. And she is feeling several contradictory emotions about it.

But she also remembers what it was like in “Scream”

She did not like how isolated Michael’s home felt. And Natalie and Michael seemed incompatible in so many ways. She missed him while he worked and undertook his long commute. They would clash over food — with her even demanding that he eat different food at times. Their marriage was toxic and volatile.

And then there was the Mother-in-Law of it all

Natalie accused Trish of calling her a “hooker.” Now, maybe she misheard. Or maybe she didn’t. None of us know … but this was one of the final big, on-camera fights before Natalie left.

Natalie calls Josh

It is a long drive (including a ferry ride) from civilization to Mike’s home. Josh sounds almost insecure, if not jealous, that she’s going to visit her ex. He hopes to touch base with her after. Natalie, meanwhile, seems almost excited to be recognizing familiar trees and bits of road.

Home sweet home?

On the one hand, Mike has his own property and his own house. He doesn’t pay rent to a landlord. Even with the debts that he incurred to buy the family land, this will allow him to save money in the longrun. At the same time, we can understand Natalie’s feelings of isolation. Mike left for work every day. What was there for Natalie to do? (And if you’re a person who wants to live in the delivery radius of at least a dozen restaurants and a grocery delivery service, like I am, then you probably understood Natalie’s feelings a little better than Mike did)

Natalie is here

She brings Mike flowers. Not cut flowers, but an actual practical gift of flowers still in their potting soil. She and Mike embrace. It is not a short hug. But as for what they will say to each other, let alone what she and Trish will say to each other, will have to wait for a future episode.