LPBW: Jacob’s Son Mateo Enjoys Summers On Grandpa Matt’s Farm!

Jacob and Isabel Roloff steer away from the public eye most time. In fact, the former Little People Big World or LPBW star often keeps his life quite private and doesn’t share much on social media. However, his wife, Isabel Roloff, is a bit lenient in this matter. Even if privacy is a huge deal for them, they sometimes do share a glimpse of their baby boy, Mateo. Lately, the famous wife took to her social media to share the joy of summer. While doing so, she also put up an adorable video of her little one soaking up the sun in Roloff Farms! Keep reading to know more details about this.

LPBW: Isabel Shares Glimpse Of Baby Mateo Soaking The Summer Sun! Chilling In Grandpa Mat’s Farm?

Ever since Jacob and Isabel took to social media to announce their pregnancy, they clarified certain things. Apparently, the former Little People Big World star was clear about protecting his child’s privacy online. Hence, he and his wife would never share pictures of him until he was old enough to decide on his own. However, once Mateo came into this world, his mother, Isabel, often shared pictures of her baby boy. However, while doing so, she makes sure to keep his face hidden. Now, the family of three has been hanging out a lot at Matt Roloff’s farm.

Owing to this, Isabel took to Instagram to share a very sweet post about her baby boy. It turns out that Mateo had tons of fun in the sun from his grandpa Matt’s farms. Apparently, the little munchkin was soaking up the sun while sitting inside a little tub. In fact, he also had some toys to play with in the water too. Therefore, his mother couldn’t help but share this adorable moment for the LPBW viewers to see. Thus, they gushed over this cuteness and made certain to shower love on their family.

LPBW: Matt Praises Jacob’s Hardwork On the Farm! Not Making Him The Heir?

As Matt’s sons, Jeremy and Zach, couldn’t land the farm deal to take over a part of Roloff Farms, there are strains in the family. In fact, both of them are living in separate properties with a farmlike feel. This means that Jacob Roloff remains the only son who is close to his father, Matt Roloff. Moreover, the former Little People Big World star also works for his father on their family property. Therefore, the LPBW star took to his social media to praise his hard work after installing a drain in the area.


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As LPBW viewers got to see how good Jacob is at his job, they began to wonder why he isn’t buying a part of the farm. Well, it turns out Isabel and Jacob follow a minimal lifestyle. Unlike his brothers Zach and Jeremy, who have their influencer careers and TV show to sustain them, Jacob has resorted to living a simplistic life with his wife, Isabel. Therefore, they aren’t well off to buy a part of the farm. However, they are still happy to visit the family property and lend a hand there. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for your daily scoop of LPBW news.