The Family Chantel: Pedro Doesn’t Want Children With Chantel! Blames Her?

Things do not seem to be getting better for Pedro and Chantel. The couple has been having a new fight with every new episode of The Family Chantel. Fans are speculating a separation soon if things don’t get any better. Moreover, they have been overlooking small issues they can’t agree on, like household chores and food. However, will they be able to do the same when something as big as having children is involved? Keep reading to find out more.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Does Not Want Kids With Chantel

Pedro has been visibly unhappy for a while now. Moreover, fans believe he hasn’t been trying to make things work. The reality couple has had regular fights for a while and revealed they hadn’t been intimate in months. Further, Pedro is very critical of Chantel’s cooking and cleaning, making her feel unappreciated. He also feels that she is not supportive of his new job in real estate. The Family Chantel couple seems to be on the brink of separation. Moreover, Pedro’s family isn’t a big fan of Chantel either. Interestingly, Chantel feels things started to change after his trip to the Dominican Republic.

The couple had a housewarming party recently. Chantel’s parents urged them to have kids as soon as possible as they have enough room now. However, Pedro immediately shut them down, saying they would have to wait. He later told the cameras that he did not want to have children with Chantel. Moreover, as per ET, he felt she wasn’t ready mentally to have kids. The reality star also believes that they aren’t ready emotionally to have a baby. Chantel was visibly upset and said that she would have to start considering freezing her eggs by the age of 35. She also felt that Pedro should at least consider a baby if he loved his wife. Pedro dismissed his in-laws, saying they would have to wait at least five years.

The Family Chantel: Is The Couple Getting Divorced?

Fans have been speculating about divorce for a long time now. Moreover, Chantel has deleted everything off her social media related to her marriage to Pedro. The reality couple seems to be getting more hostile towards each other with each passing day. She feels he’s ungrateful, and he feels that she is unsupportive. Pedro recently told that he tries to include him in his work by inviting Chantel to events, but she always refuses. She says that she does not like them and does not want to spend time with them.

However, the TLC star called out her husband for lying. Chantel claims that she has never said anything like that before. Fans don’t know who to believe anymore. Viewers now believe that the couple would be better off without each other. Moreover, the rumor mill never stops working. A new rumor that Pedro is getting cozy with a co-worker has surfaced. However, fans will have to wait for new episodes to see what will go down.